Ministry Tools


In order to rebuild, we need better tools in our ministry cupboard. Learn from these practitioners and leaders and apply them in your own ministry context. There are three locations for workshops: 

  • Chapel - Behind the stage of the Sanctuary

  • Fireside Room - 3rd floor. Can be accessed by stairs Escalator.

  • 2nd Floor Foyer - Can be accessed by stairs and Elevator.


10:45 am - 12:15 pm

Better Together (Chapel)

This workshop is about partnerships. Led by Cheryl and Ejay, they will share about their own insights on what partnerships look like in their own ministry contexts and within their marriage. 

Ministry is a Marathon (Fireside Room - 3rd Floor)

This workshop is led by Bill Ryan, an Urban Ministry Practitioner since 1982. He has seen a lot of ministry leaders through the years and have lessons to teach us on what sort of leaders make it in the long haul. His longevity in urban ministry is his biggest teaching tool.

Our Dream for Scarborough (2nd Floor foyer)

This workshop is led by Andrew Ramalingam and John Emore. They have been pioneering some new community engagement initiatives in their neighbourhood. Learn about how they have engaged with the leaders in their context and how they engage Scarborough area.

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Cross Cultural Competency for Ministry (Chapel)

Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world and we need better ministry tools on how to navigate and minister in multi-cultural contexts. Brian Yu, one of the consultants with the TIM Centre will be leading this workshop, giving us practical tools on how to lead better in cross-cultural constructs

We accidentally started a food bank (Fireside Room 3rd floor)

Pastor Vir Mateo and his daughter Rhema started the Good Measure Foodbank out of their church. Listen to their story as to how they saw a need in their community, responded to serve and found critical partnerships to feed their hungry neighbours in Mississauga. 


3:30pm - 5:00pm

Grantwriting 101 (Chapel)

Funding and resources are some of the greatest challenges in ministry today. Andrea Chang has helped many churches and organizations learn how to write grants to help fund numerous ministry projects. 

Bridging the generational gap in Ethnic Churches (Fireside Room 3rd Floor)

Pastor Heskias Mandefro is one of the associate pastors at Ethiopian Evangelical Church, the largest Ethiopian church in Canada. He has been serving as their english pastor after starting as the youth pastor. Listen to the lessons he has learned navigating generational gaps in ethnic churches and how he has been able to retain and grow the english ministry of their church.